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Connacht Hockey - Mission Statement

The purpose of Connacht hockey is to promote the game of hockey in our region for the benefit and enjoyment of our community. We exist to facilitate the sport in our local community, ranging from helping club setup, player support, umpiring and coaching whilst at the same time we enhance the health of all our members who play the game.  

Connacht Hockey – Core Values


We strive to lead by example, with respect and sportsmanship. It is important that our players, coaches, and parents respect the roles of each other and appreciate the importance of each other within our community. When competing and representing our province, we always demonstrate sportsmanship and respect towards our team-mates, coaches, umpires, opponents, and supporters.


Hockey has been played in Connacht since the late 1800’s. Connacht Hockey was enrolled into the ILHU in 1903, playing its first competitive matches against the other provinces in the inaugural interprovincial tournaments. Over a century later the game is still played with great enjoyment in the region. We value our roots and connection to the beginnings of the game in our country and are proud of the men and women who represented Ireland at all levels from Connacht.


We are honest, fair, and open with our players, parents, supporters, sponsors, other clubs, and external bodies that facilitate and support our game. We listen to the opinions of those around us and make decisions for the benefit of the entire community that are informed and considered.


We take pride in competing at all levels in the sport and in the running of our sport for the benefit of the community. Our belief in competing to the best of our ability, as a unit is the key to achieving a high-performance experience which will enable success for Connacht hockey. 


We are passionate about creating a happy, safe, and enjoyable sporting environment for all our players, to engender a life-long love of hockey and sport in general. We encourage and support our young players to enable growth, development, confidence, leadership, and team spirit. Through our sport, we adopt a healthy lifestyle and build life skills.


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