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How to use the Team Admin app

A guide for Team Administrators on how to use the Team Admin app

Step 1:

Firstly you need to be setup as a team admin. In order for this to happen please do the following:

  1. Contact Matthew Lohan (Connacht PRO) and provide him your name, email address and what team you will be looking after.
  2. He will then set you up as team admin and you will receive the following email.
  3. Follow the link and create your username and password. (This is all you need to access the app)

Step 2:

To use the Team Admin app:

  • You must be an existing Team Administrator for a team that is active in a league's current season.
  • You must already have your own LeagueRepublic account and be able to sign in with it to the league.

4. Download the app from your app store

Download from Google Play:

Download from Apple's App Store:

Step 3:

Sign in to the app

After downloading the app, you'll need to sign in using your existing LeagueRepublic username and password or your Facebook account that has already been linked to a LeagueRepublic account.

You'll then see the list of recent and upcoming matches. Only matches that are due to happen +/- 3 days from the current day will be listed here.

5. Entering live scores and statistics

When a match begins you can start recording the scores and statistics (Team sheet, Scorers and players that received cards) for it and set the score type as a 'Latest score'.

This means that the match will be displayed on the Live Results page on your league's website.

When the match is over, set the score to be a 'Final score' which will mean that the match is over.

Step 4:

Result Approval

Results will appear on the Connacht Hockey Website immediatly following the final score be entered. However the result will show as awaiting approval until the Fixtures Secretary (Fintan O'Flynn) has approved the result. Once approved points will be allocated and the match will appear on the division table.

Note: The Fixtures Secretary (Fintan O'Flynn) can only approve matches once he has received the signed match return sheet. This match return sheet should agree with all information entered on the team app. Once agreed the match will be approved.

Any questions on any of the above please contact Matthew Lohan (Connacht PRO) -> here


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